“Stella Stories”: A New Blog Series

Jacob Adler in "King Lear"

Stella was a brilliant raconteur, which must have been contagious since so many people have stories about Stella.  Between the stories Stella told and the ones others told and continue telling about her, an entire book could be written.  Most of the stories you’ll find here did not make it into Stella’s biography. That’s why I decided to dedicate a series of posts on “Stella Stories,” which will be a mix of stories I’ve culled from primary sources, stories people have told me, and stories guest bloggers will write for the series.

My personal favorite is brief, although if you don’t know about Stella’s upbringing in the Yiddish Theatre or haven’t read about it in my previous posts it may not be as funny as if you had. Playwright Jerome Lawrence told this story at a memorial tribute to Stella.

Apparently the commode in Stella’s master bathroom wouldn’t flush and she asked her assistant Eddie Weinbaum to drive her down to the Lower East Side to a storefront plumbing outfit operated by two brothers in their 90s whose family had once supplied back stage toilets to the popular Yiddish theatres.  When Stella handed over her credit card, the younger brother waved the card in the air, “Masha, royalty, right here, royalty! Just think Jacob Adler’s daughter would be sitting on one of our toilets!”

Sigrid Valdis

Robert Scott Crane's parents, actors Sigrid Valdis and Bob Crane


Next up: Actor Robert Scott Crane’s personal account of discovering “Stella Adler and the Actor,” the only broadcast program of Stella’s class hosted by his father, Bob Crane.

If you have any “Stella Stories” of your own that you want to tell me or write yourself, please submit by email to sheana88@hotmail.com and put “Stella Stories” in the subject line.


2 responses to ““Stella Stories”: A New Blog Series

  1. I can’t wait to read all these stories about or from Stella! The toilet anecdote is classic!

  2. Looking forward to these!

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