“Stella Stories”: Elaine Stritch Recalls Stella

English: Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch

When I interviewed Elaine Stritch she told me an anecdote that you’ll have to channel Strich to get the full impact of, but here it goes.  One hot summer evening in New York Stella had a party and ran out of ice. Elaine Stritch admonished her host, “For God’s sake Stella, you’ve run out of ice!  Send someone to go to the corner to buy some.”  Here, Stritch imitates Stella at her meekest: “Well, we don’t, we don’t buy, we make it.”

“Okay,” a parched Stritch resigned herself, “forget it.  I’ll drink it warm.”  Later, a heated discussion ensued about how no one speaks the Queen’s English anymore and Stella said, “Well the theatre isn’t limited by that anymore. What matters is where the language comes from.” And then someone interrupted her and said, “Stella, you’re full of shit,” and Stella responded, “I wish you people would stop yelling at me. I’m just a girl without ice.”


2 responses to ““Stella Stories”: Elaine Stritch Recalls Stella

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  2. LMAO! I love it. I can simply imagine Elaine Stritch telling this story.
    Thanks for sharing this anecdote! Those parties Stella gave must have been something… Wish we could all attend. (^__^)

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