Biographer at the Golden Globes for Stella Adler

Author Sheana Ochoa with husband Jordan Elgrably

Author Sheana Ochoa with husband Jordan Elgrably

Part I

I’m back, readers.  I was on hiatus honing the book proposal to send out into the world to find a publisher.  Now I can get back to this blog in conjunction with marketing the book.  The research is over, sad to say.  It took me from a quirky phone interview with Arthur Miller (which I’ll have to blog about later) over a decade ago to the Golden Globes.  Why the Golden Globes you might ask?  Well, I needed someone from the theatre or film industry to write the Introduction.

For someone writing about such an iconic figure as Stella Adler, I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to popular culture.  I haven’t had television in over 15 years, but I do watch movies.  Living in Los Angeles, celebrity sightings are a dime a dozen, but I’m oblivious to it because I wouldn’t recognize a movie star if s/he tripped me jogging on a hike at Runyon Canyon (not that I jog).  Still, being around all those A-list actors at the Golden Globes gave me pause.  Luckily, I’ve been told that I looked like everyone from Julia Roberts when I was in my twenties to Diane Lane when I was in my thirties.  On the cusp of 40, resembling I don’t know who, I dressed to the nines in a frock I borrowed from my sister, thinking at 5’ 10”, towering over Helena Bonham Carter and Natalie Portman, that I fit in just fine.

It wasn’t just playing dress up that kept me from feeling intimidated. I had a mission. I was there to spread the word that I had written the first biography on Stella Adler, but that’s where my part ended.  Getting Warren Beatty or Robert De Niro to agree to write the Introduction to the book was my true goal and it was bigger than me; it was about honoring the legacy of the woman who helped pioneer modern day acting.

My first encounter was in the bathroom with Angelina Jolie.  She was applying too bright a shade of red lipstick when I came out of the stall and introduced myself.  She turned from the mirror somewhat scowling while her chaperone stood by in case there was any trouble. It felt as if she didn’t like being approached without permission or a liaison, but once I told her about the book, she admitted that her mother “loved Stella Adler.”

I don’t know what possessed me to tell her that I would eventually adapt the book into a screenplay. I actually said, “I think you would play a great Stella.”  She didn’t acknowledge the idea, but rather quickly strutted from the bathroom before I could disturb her further, or god forbid, someone saw her talking to some woman impersonating a movie star. It was a brazen lie, that I thought she could pull off Stella. I had only been at the event a few minutes and I was already brown-nosing, deceiving, talking out of my ass.  I returned to our nosebleed table at the back of the banquet room. It was good I started with Angelina. Everyone afterward was a piece of cake.

To be continued . . .


6 responses to “Biographer at the Golden Globes for Stella Adler

  1. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

  2. Love it!

  3. Hello I am a student at Duarte High school I am enrolled in ms Franco’s professional acting class. Our assignment was to look at your blog and leave you feedback. I think this part of your blog only proves how fun it is to rub elbows with celebrity and really see how they are when they are not behind a camera but rather on a one on one basis.

  4. Can’t wait to hear the rest of your Golden Globes story! Let’s be sure to get together soon too!

  5. Go on girl, that’s right… take it! I’m loving the humor in this article. If you don’t blow your own horn no one will stand at attention. I believe in you! As for casting AJ. She’s not qualified in my humble opinion if she didn’t ask for your phone number then and there.

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