Stella Adler’s Biography Countdown

(Photo by Rue Faris Drew) My book cover if the publisher agrees. See below.

Photo by Rue Faris Drew
My book cover if the publisher agrees. See below.

In my last post I told you about my woes with meeting my deadline (October 1st!) for Stella Adler’s biography. Since then I was informed that I would need permission from all the books I quoted from if I used over 250 words total from each book, all the articles I quoted from if I used over 100 words or 10% of the article, and any unpublished material I quoted from, which makes up the majority of my research.

So, I’ve been spending the last three weeks counting words. Yep, I’ve been counting words and going through my files to find the places where I obtained the original unpublished material so I can ask permission to use it in the book. Yep, I haven’t been editing the book. That’s a lie. I’m using my meager advance to pay an assistant to help so I can work on the book when I’m not tracking down sources, but still!

Stella Adler with Bob Crane from "Stella Adler and the Actor"

Stella Adler with Bob Crane from “Stella Adler and the Actor”

In the mean time, I reconnected with a former contributor to SALIA (this blog), Scott Crane whose father, Bob Crane, best known as Col Hogan in television’s Hogan Heroes, studied with Stella. More importantly, he hosted a rarely seen broadcast called “Stella Adler and the Actor,” a video excerpt of which I will be posting shortly.

Photo by Dina Douglass

Photo by Dina Douglass

My husband designed a new business card for me with a photograph of Stella (the one at the top of this post) I’ve gotten permission to use on the book cover (if the publisher agrees! The publisher also has final say of the title of the book I wrote.)

I’ve also had a photo taken of me for the back of the book.

52 days left till October 1st. I’ll continue to keep you updated. Wish me luck.


10 responses to “Stella Adler’s Biography Countdown

  1. Sheana, the photo is beautiful and I wish you all the luck in the universe. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve a great success with this long-awaited book. All the best to you!

    Beth Phillips
    (currently working on a biography of Clifford Odets’ later years)

  2. Beautiful author photo, Sheana! You look gorgeous. Can’t wait to see it on the published book jacket.

  3. Thank you, Beth and Tai. Tai, I know your book isn’t as researched-based as a biography, but are you having to deal with this bloody permissions stuff? Beware Beth, although you’re probably keeping it all very organized and I have not.

  4. Sheana has truly toiled away at her biography, which is a gift to the world. It seems to me that Stella Adler was a wise and passionate woman, and through this biography, she’ll come alive for a new generation of actors and readers.

  5. Ahhhhhh I’m so excited!!!! Good luck with the legal stuff. It has to be done. Live and learn, next time if you write in this genre you’ll keep notes because now you know. You’re an “author” Sheana. I’m a writer, I’ll stick to fiction!! (I’m sure there’s legal stuff there too, when I get there I’ll know) LOL!!! It’s like Film to Movies.

    This is the first I’m hearing anything concrete about being published. I knew you were, just not the details. I must of missed the last post. I’m manifesting my assistant after I manifest my beach cottage while writing my book and manifesting my book tour. Congratulations on hiring some help!

    The cover is so dramatic. Just like your subject, I love the choice.
    The picture of you is gorgeous!

    I’ll be counting days with you!

  6. Pics look fantasic! I’m so excited that after all these years the end of, or really beginning of the next journey in Stella’s life, the book, will finally be published. I cannot wait to see it availalble and you know i will be one of the 1st to purchase a copy as I’m so interested to read more about Stella!

  7. Yes, it’s the beginning. And I’m still tracking down copyright holders just to ask for permission to quote in my book. Today someone told me, “You have to earn the right to write.” Well, I’m earning it, I’ll tell you. I just want to get back to the manuscript!

  8. I’ve only just discovered your blog – and it is wonderful! Love reading all your posts and experiences while putting together this book.
    I’m also intrigued with all things Stella. Such a fascinating woman! Oh how I wish she were alive for always, so that we can all study with her.
    I do hope to see the clip you mentioned!!!
    Keep up the great work on your blog!!! 🙂

  9. Jonathan, thank you for your kind words and for reminding about that clip. The book publishing process has been all-consuming and it isn’t over. More deadlines and last minute changes keep popping up. I wish I could blog more, but that will come in its time.

  10. Completely understand… hope you are thriving in spite of all the work! 🙂
    Whenever you do get a chance to blog, we’ll be here!

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