Listen: At the Table with Sheana Ochoa

This is an unedited chat with Kelly Lincoln, not a “formal” interview, that we held in the Bronx while I was on my NYC book tour on June 1, 2014. You can listen here.

Onstage & Backstage

Sheana Ochoa, author of Stella! Mother of Modern Acting, visited Kelly Lincoln of At the Table. Together, they discuss “the great, ahead of her time Stella Adler, and how the Yiddish Theater birthed American Theater.”

00121937>>LISTEN HERE<<

Arthur Miller decided to become a playwright after seeing her perform with the Group Theater. Marlon Brando attributed his acting to her genius as a teacher. Theater critic Robert Brustein calls her the greatest acting teacher in America.

At the turn of the 20th century – by which time acting had hardly evolved since classical Greece – Stella Adler became a child star of the Yiddish stage in New York, where she was being groomed to refine acting craft and eventually help pioneer its modern gold standard: method acting. Stella’s emphasis on experiencing a role through the actions in the given circumstances of the work directs actors toward a deep…

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4 responses to “Listen: At the Table with Sheana Ochoa

  1. A lovely discussion! So much fun to listen to… now I want to get to that library to which you donated Adler’s papers, audio and video tapes! Maybe someday… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    Hope all the promotion goes well!

  2. Wow Jonathan you actually listened to the interview! Yep, there’s a treasure of materials both at the NYPL for Performing Arts and the Harry Ransom Center in Austin. Thanks for reading.

    • Lol yes!
      I enjoyed every moment!
      Indeed. I understand both Clurman and Adler’s files are at HRC in Texas!
      I’ll be sure to visit NYPL and the HRC if ever I visit the States.

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