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John Travolta and Sheana Ochoa

This blog endeavors to do the same thing my forthcoming book Stella! A Life in Art was written to do: reclaim the legacy of Stella Adler, the fervent guardian of  modern day acting.  In the process, readers will learn about the evolution of our most beloved art form: acting, which will involve demystifying “method” acting and holding the artistry of the thespian up to that of other artists from poets to sculptors.

No doubt this blog will evolve, but I foresee writing on several different topics or categories from blogs strictly on Stella from a biographical standpoint to personal discoveries that never made it into the book to new thoughts and ideas based on current events/acting trends/actors/new material. I’ll file these topics in the menu on the right under categories for readers to quickly glean and hopefully spark much discussion.


Sheana Ochoa received her Masters in Professional Writing at the University of Southern California.  She inaugurated the One-Act Play festival at the Stella Adler Academy and Theater where she directed her one-act play, The Masterpiece.  In 2012 she helped launch a new theatre company, Freedom Theater West, for which she produced its first critically acclaimed production. She has written for Salon, CNN, The Levantine Review among other publications.  She also blogs for the award winning website TheNextFamily.com.  She was Assistant Editor for LOUDmouth Magazine.  Ms.Ochoa’s forthcoming book Stella! A Life in Art is a biography of Stella Adler, first lady of American Acting.


2 responses to “About This Blog

  1. what are the guidelines for the one-act play festival?

  2. Mary, I don’t actually work with the play festival at the Adler anymore. I know they have a new theater group so I suspect the one act festival is on hiatus.

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