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Stella! The Book Trailer for the First Biography



Part II: Biographer at the Golden Globes for Stella Adler

Sheana Ochoa and husband Jordan Elgrably outside the Globe's After Party (which we didn't attend)

Sheana Ochoa and husband Jordan Elgrably outside the Globe’s After Party (which we were too pooped to attend)

My focus at the Golden Globes, as I wrote in Part I, was to connect with Robert De Niro and Warren Beatty so that I might ask them to write the Introduction to “Stella! A Life in Art.” Here’s how it went down: I would get two to three minutes during commercial breaks to negotiate my way into a shiny clique of celebrities mingling amongst themselves. During each break, just getting from my nosebleed seat into the orchestra section where the celebrities were seated took a good minute, leaving me two minutes tops to introduce myself and pitch the Introduction. Continue reading