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Stella! The Book Trailer for the First Biography



Part II: Biographer at the Golden Globes for Stella Adler

Sheana Ochoa and husband Jordan Elgrably outside the Globe's After Party (which we didn't attend)

Sheana Ochoa and husband Jordan Elgrably outside the Globe’s After Party (which we were too pooped to attend)

My focus at the Golden Globes, as I wrote in Part I, was to connect with Robert De Niro and Warren Beatty so that I might ask them to write the Introduction to “Stella! A Life in Art.” Here’s how it went down: I would get two to three minutes during commercial breaks to negotiate my way into a shiny clique of celebrities mingling amongst themselves. During each break, just getting from my nosebleed seat into the orchestra section where the celebrities were seated took a good minute, leaving me two minutes tops to introduce myself and pitch the Introduction. Continue reading

Biographer at the Golden Globes for Stella Adler

Author Sheana Ochoa with husband Jordan Elgrably

Author Sheana Ochoa with husband Jordan Elgrably

Part I

I’m back, readers.  I was on hiatus honing the book proposal to send out into the world to find a publisher.  Now I can get back to this blog in conjunction with marketing the book.  The research is over, sad to say.  It took me from a quirky phone interview with Arthur Miller (which I’ll have to blog about later) over a decade ago to the Golden Globes.  Why the Golden Globes you might ask?  Well, I needed someone from the theatre or film industry to write the Introduction. Continue reading

“Stella Stories”: The Day I Studied with an Acting Legend

By Rick Copp, special to SALIA

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a ham. In my twenty plus years working in the entertainment business, I managed on more than one occasion to insert myself into several TV shows and movies I was writing and producing. I got my SAG card doing a voice over on a Tea Leoni FOX sitcom called “Flying Blind.” I played a jovial sidekick on a ‘50s sci fi serial in an action comedy TV movie I co-wrote and co-produced called “The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space,” and I had a recurring role as a bitchy chef on a 90’s action series remake I co-created called “Team Knight Rider.”

People often ask me if I ever trained to be an actor. Well, let me be clear. Yes. Technically. Well, it all depends on what you call training. I audited a four week acting class with legendary stage star and famed acting teacher Stella Adler in the late ‘80s. Her former students include Marlon Brando,  Warren Beatty and Robert De Niro.

In 1987, I was working as the Director of Development for a New York based television production company where I helped develop children’s shows. The company was owned by a major New York advertising agency with clients like Hasbro toys and one of the CEOs was married to a former Hollywood actress by the name of Anne Newman, who had appeared in a number of classic movies like “El Dorado” with John Wayne and Robert Mitchum and “The Thrill of it All” with James Garner and Doris Day. Anne took a liking to me and one day suggested I join her at Stella Adler’s acting seminar she was taking every Wednesday night. I jumped at the chance. Anne was loads of fun and I thought it would lead to us having a lot of laughs. And I was sure she would pay for the drinks we would inevitably have after class.

How wrong I was. Not about the drinks. Anne came through on that one. It was the class. No laughs. None. First of all, I didn’t get the memo that when Ms. Adler entered the room you were to spring to your feet and applaud wildly. Her disapproving eye caught mine when I was still sitting in the hard back aluminum chair as she was wheeled in (she was in a wheelchair by this time), her right arm raised, slightly waving like the Queen of England. It all went downhill from there.

Every student who took to the stage to do a scene was viciously criticized, torn down, more than a few left in a puddle of tears. She was awful to everyone, but particularly relished attacking the girls. Even so, I kept thanking God I was simply auditing the class as an observer and would not be called down to perform for her. Wrong again.

It was one budding actor’s turn to perform a monologue from some courtroom drama. I noticed his hands were shaking when he took to the stage. Ms. Adler bellowed, “How can you make a closing argument to the jury without anyone there to play to? You MUST have a scene partner.” Her eyes scanned the room. “YOU!”

She couldn’t be pointing at me. I turned around. Anne and I were in the back row. There was no one behind me! Ms. Adler screamed, “YOU! What is your name?” “Rick Copp,” I managed to squeak out, my voice cracking. Stella nodded. “Mr. Copp, would you be so kind as to play the role of the juror so this young man has a scene partner?” I turned to Anne for help, but she looked away pretending she didn’t know me.

“I… I’m not an actor… I’m just auditing…” I said softly. Ms. Adler’s eyes blazed as she bellowed, “I expect EVERYONE in my class to participate. Mr. Copp, if you please!” Anne gave me a nudge. I stood up and walked down to the stage, nodding at the shaking young man about to perform his monologue. I sat down and he started talking. I don’t remember what he was saying. I wasn’t listening. I was doing my own internal monologue. “Omigod! She’s going to yell at me! She’s going to tell me I suck and I have no business being here and I don’t take the work seriously and I am an affront to the entire acting profession and how dare I come into this room and disrupt the real actors who are here to do their work and learn from the great master…” I kept my eyes fixed on the poor young man talking to me. He raised a finger to make a point. He was still shaking. He was blowing it. I was blowing it. This was a HUGE disaster and I was about to be ripped a new one.

Ms. Adler stared at me, an angry frown fixed to her face. Finally, mercifully, she stopped the scene. She was yelling, her face flushed red and it wasn’t even the heavy rouge she was wearing. She was tearing down the poor actor playing the lawyer for something like five minutes. When she finished, she ordered him back to his seat. I was the only one left on stage. “As for you, MISTER Copp…” Oh God, hear it comes. “EXCELLENT work! I BELIEVED you were listening intently to the attorney. I BELIEVED you as a juror. I applaud your concentration!”

You know, in hindsight, the late great Stella Adler truly was an acting legend with much wisdom, a true purveyor of untapped talent. Right? Right?




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